Dear Users

We are always looking for additional testers and are reaching out to anyone interested in financial markets and is willing to share their market opinions by voting on our platform. In order to create some incentive we regularly run investment competitions with cash prizes.

Users can vote on their prediction of the direction of a choice of indices and currencies. The votes form the basis for the investment strategy of a potential investment fund. On our platform you can track your own performance and also see how well you are doing in relation to the others.

We send out a weekly performance report with some information including the ranking of the top participants using the first name + first letter of the surname, in order to allow you to see your position without giving away your identity completely. If anyone wishes to remain completely anonymous we can of course arrange for that too.

Second Swarmsurge Investment Competition:

02/09/2013 – 29/11/2013: 1st place €500, 2nd place €250

For this competition we have changed to composition of the markets available to vote on:

Eurostoxx 50 - European Union

FTSE 100 - United Kingdom

S&P 500 - USA

Hang Seng - Hong Kong

CNX Nifty - India

Bovespa - Brazil

EURUSD - Euro in US dollars

AUDUSD - Australian dollar in US dollars

USDJPY - US dollar in Japanese Yen

10 Year T-Note - US Bonds

This competition has ended. To see the results please click here.

Swarmsurge Team

(Members of the Swarmsurge Team may also participate but are excluded from winning any prizes)