Swarmsurge is a crowd intelligence investment strategy that uses quantitative methods to achieve long-term capital gains.

Social driven
global macro strategy

Swarmsurge aims to offer a unique investment strategy that is based on crowd intelligence. Our market voting platform, which is open to anyone to vote in, provides the input for the investment strategy. The effective exposures are attained by processing user votes in our quantitative investment model. The investment strategy can take long as well as short positions in markets around the world to take advantage of diversification and correlation effects.


The quantitative investment model evaluates the user votes cast on our voting platform and creates an investment strategy by means of statistical analysis thereof. The objective is long-term capital appreciation within predetermined risk parameters. The investment decisions are determined solely by quantitative methods, which remove the element of discretionary decisions by a portfolio manager. Swarmsurge employs automated risk management techniques to deal with adverse market movements and to protect the invested capital.

Crowd intelligence
and participation

Instead of relying on the competence of a small team or a single fund manager, Swarmsurge sources its strategy from a large number of decision makers. This ensures that no one person can have a detrimental effect on the performance in the long run. Our quantitative process ensures that the best ideas from a large pool of inputs determine the direction of the investments. By rewarding the highest performing voters there is an incentive for users to participate in the process.