Crowd Intelligence

Anyone who is interested in financial markets and is willing to share their market opinions is welcome to vote on our platform.

Users can vote on their prediction of the direction of a choice of indices and currencies by submitting their views on markets being (very) bearish, (very) bullish or neutral. The votes form the basis for the Swarmsurge investment strategy.

Performance Tracking

On our platform the users can track their own performance and also see how well they are doing in relation to the other users. We group the users into deciles, which are displayed on the user's performance page.

Voting Process

The votes are counted once per day at 08:00 GMT+1. However, there is no need to vote every day since a cast vote will remain in its position until changed. This allows the user to follow his desired investment time horizon.

Participation Incentives

Swarmsurge regularly runs investment competitions with cash prizes for the best performers. For more information click here. If you are interested to try it out, just register here. Participation is free and without any catches as we are always in need of new voters.